Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who are we?

The applications published under the name “Codescape”/"Logomount" are owned by Fedor Erofeev, referred as “owner”, “we” or “us” below.

What we collect?

We use some SDKs provided by Google, like Firebase that do collect some personal data, we temporary collect the data related to application performance to improve the performance and make our applications more stable over time. You can read more about Firebase Privacy Policy here:

There are some other SDKs that might collect some data, like Google API. You can read more about Google API Privacy Policy here:

There are Ads inside our application provided by Google Ads, that might collect personal data to show personal targeted advertisements, that can be disabled if you want to in Google Ads settings. You can check read more about the way Google handles data here:

Why we collect this data?

Application owner temporary collects and investigate this data to improve our applications, however, it’s non-personalized and won’t be used in any other way. This data is used only to improve the application in future releases. No data is being used to identify or target specific person and is intended only to be used by the application owner to improve the product and is shortly deleted after the improvement is implemented.

Why do we need application permissions?

In our applications, we use application permissions to improve the experience with our product only, like running foreground services, checking network access and others (please, check under each of the applications that you use or intend to use to see the full list). These permissions are not used to get any information from user. If you find any permission that you feel is unnecessary for the applications, please, contact us and it will be removed.

What about Privacy Policy updates?

If there are any changes in privacy policy, they will be published under this page.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions, please, drop us a message at: